Sibyl Sings produces albums with songs and poetry in the widest sense of these words. Songs can sound like poems and poems can sound like songs. It supports and encourages different ways in which poetry can be recorded, so you can listen to them again and again. Some poetry asks to simply and perhaps only live on the page. Other poems live their lives most strongly when spoken (or sung), some with and others without music. Those are the ones we choose from.

Sibyl Sings wishes to make poetry available the way songs are. And perhaps it also works the other way around, that through listening to poetry,  more lyrics are treated as a form of poetry.

The first album produced by Sibyl Sings is a solo album with songs by Lily Kiara (NL) titled On This Ground. It released in January 2008. It is an album with mostly songs and two short poems. All songs by Lily with Felicity Provan on cornet on two songs and Andy Moor (The EX) on electric guitar on the title song. Mastered by Colin McLean.

The second album, is by poet Julyen Hamilton (UK/E), titled THE EDGE OF LETTERS. His poems are in English. Release 19 December 2011.

The third album is an EP by Lily Kiara, pour me sweet. A small collection of home grown and live recordings. Release 9 May 2012.

Lily Kiara has put a band together that plays three of her big loves: folk pop songs, improvised music and poetry. The band's name is The RIVER. In 2013/2014 The RIVER plays The SWIM SESSIONS in three different venues in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The third one was in the Bimhuis. The first live album of The RIVER was recorded during this concert. The SWIM SESSIONS is released on 1 December 2015.  



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The RIVER plays acoustic

Torpedotheater, Sint Pieterspoortsteeg 33, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Torpedotheater is the smallest theater in Amsterdam! Intimate, acoustic. Let's fill it up! Please reserve to save your place: or call 020-4284993

10 euro

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