Julyen Hamilton has been involved with poetry since childhood, writing constantly since 14. Early influences were his study of the Metaphysical poets of the 17 century, while around him in contemporary Britain, an explosion of poetry was under way with the live poetry scene of the late 60s. Both streams served as a base from which he has written ever since.

Subsequently training and working as a choreographer and dancer, he has produced scores of solo dances in which text plays a central role; text which is composed on stage at the time of the performance and thus essentially from a body and mind in motion  - a physicality in action and rhythm.
This way of creating poetry links him to the ancient manner of the travelling poets and at the same time with the Beat poets of the American post war generation who proclaimed a physical base from which words might stem.
Julyen worked in the dance with many musicians, such as Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher, Barre Phillips, Wilbert de Joode, Fred Frith, Tristan Honsinger, Malcolm Goldstein.
In recent years he has begun to read poetry alongside several musicians as part of ‘Songs & Poems’, a band initiated by Lily Kiara, playing a mix of acoustic folk/pop, poetry and improvised music. He also performed his poetry with double bass player Wilbert de Joode.



The depth of imagination in the poetry of Julyen Hamilton takes you into spaces, both familiar and unfamiliar. Always through surprising views, unexpectedly turning around the corner where you did not dare to look are simply did not think of, but where, once taken there, all seems so strangely at ease throughout the lightness and insight with which the poem evolves and unfolds itself. The musicality and physicality of his reading voice add to his poetry as a matter of the heart and touch you right in the heart of the matter.

And when the poem is over, it lets you roam some more on your own as if it has opened lands at once more accessible.




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