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Live album. Unique blend of folky songs, improvised music and spoken poetry, sometimes meandering from one to the other unnoticed, at other times smashing into each other. Weathered musicians with ever young at heart musical spirit. Recorded at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, NL.



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pour me sweet

A small collection of home grown and live recordings. This EP is only available at live concerts!

Release date 9 May 2012.

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A small collection of home grown and live recordings. This EP is only available at live concerts!

Pour me sweet and Hungry recorded live at The Performance Centre, Falmouth, UK, engineered by Adam Loveday Edwards, November 2011; Wislawa is one of a series of short songs which I call Fireflies, a simple home recording, as is The Quiet One, 2012; Provider with Felicity Provan, recorded live at OT301, Amsterdam, December 2010.

Release date 9 May 2012.

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We are very excited to present the first poetry album on Sibyl Sings! Poems written and recorded by Julyen Hamilton. Release  19 December 2011.

As much a musical experience as a poetic one. Some tracks are groovy, others tend towards Irish folk, or wink to jazz, other moments are more contemplative.


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THE EDGE OF LETTERS is the first album with poetry by Julyen Hamilton. Having written poetry since childhood and reading live for quite some years now, this album is slightly over due and thoroughly welcomed. 

Julyen Hamilton is a prolific writer of poems. His poems reveal themselves in many different places: airplanes, theaters, bars, studios, hotel rooms, distant lands, home. The richness and diversity of approaches and forms are both exciting and moving.

THE EDGE OF LETTERS offers this richness. With the making of the album, the question arose of how to share the poems on a cd. Used to live concerts and even creating poems in live situations, the making of the album brought along the possiblity of a different approach. THE EDGE OF LETTERS found its tone and form through Julyen's own musical input. 

The result is 14 tracks of poems read, sung, recorded with or without additional music and a few instrumental pieces. The 15th track is a direct recording of a poem that was created the moment it was being read in a live situation, a typical way of how a poem can come to being in Julyen Hamilton's work.

The album is as much a musical experience as it is a poetic one. Some tracks are groovy, others tend towards Irish folk, or wink to jazz, other moments are more contemplative.

All lyrics of the poems on THE EDGE OF LETTERS are available on the site of Julyen Hamilton. Click here to go directly to the site. 

Many thanks to Colin McLean, Phil Wood, Isabelle Vigier.

On This Ground

On This Ground is the album that inspired the birth of Sibyl Sings. With songs and the occasional poem.

”…of an impressive soberness.” Platomania





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On This Ground is a solo album by Lily Kiara. Acoustic folk/pop with sometimes edgy vocal layers and the sporadic cornet by Felicity Provan with whom she often plays live as well, and electric guitar on the title song, by Andy Moor (The EX). Lily did all recordings and mixings of the songs. The album is mastered by Colin McLean.

Many songs were recorded and written in a 3 week period of great inspiration, in 2005. These were the first recordings Lily ever did herself (apart from earlier tape recordings and the occasional 4-track with friends). Although there was a lot of material, and it was also the first time she recorded poems, it took another 2 years for it to mature. Some of the first songs did not make it to the album. New songs were added to make the album to what it has become. That short intense period of writing and recording, created new ideas for future albums, as well as for the start of the label Sibyl Sings.

Some songs are often played live in concerts, such as Cradle Me, Smile, Inside of This and the title song On This Ground. Others never have been played live, such as Gabriel and Lost and Found, and so they are unique to the album.

The CD includes a booklet with lyrics of all songs. When you open the CD cover, the inside reveals a line out of the song 'World':


‘I close my eyes and make a wish to see’




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